Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Bourjois Délice de Poudre Duo Review

I have always been a lover of the Bourjois bronzer since I was in year 7 at school would defiantly put it uP there as one of my all time favourite drug store bronzers and would highly recommend. However due to me hating that I have a round shape face I like to always contour whether it be an intense contour or just a natural one , thats why I was so excited when Bourjois introduced this duo bronzer and highlighter as its always exciting to see thing like this in the drug store as they are more commonly found on higher end counters .

The product comes with bronzer on one side and highlighter on the other side which are numbered 1 and 2 which i think is great because it just reminds people who are just starting with makeup which one they should use first and to help even more they have instruction on the inside .The bronzer I think is the perfect matte bronzer shade for most people as you can build it up for an intense contour or you can just have a subtle contour look with a tiny about of product.I have been apply this with my real Technique contour brush as its perfect shape to get in the check bones but also it a perfect size to just picks up the bronzer on it and not the highlighter as well.On the other side of the product is the highlighter and i hate to say it but I was really disappointed with this as I like to wear a highlighter which has a dewy shimmer affect to it and I just didn't really think I looked like i and any one after using this .As for the packaging great as usual just a sleek style container that is perfect for traveling as well.

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