Thursday, 4 September 2014

Holiday diary day one

This year I was lucky enough to go on holiday a few times but the most recent destination that I visited was Egypt and it defiantly was a shock to the system the average temperature in the day there being around 43 degrees which compared to England is super hot. Bearing this in mind like most girls I definitely over packed this holiday, which normally when I come home I wondering why I took so much that I never wear but because of the shockingly high temperature a lot of the clothes I took where just simply to hot to were in these types of temperatures .The clothes were bad enough but when it came to makeup for some reason this year I  put a lot of effort in to what makeup I was taking when normally I don't really take a lot because as soon as I get a tan on my face I want to be as natural as possible but this year the main task was just getting the makeup to stay on your face let alone what I was putting on it literally just felt like it was melting off my face.

I was away in total 14 days  but didn't manage to get pictures everyday as I had serious camera trouble so please bare with me if the photo don't appear to be in order ( or I look really brown in one and pale in the other ).The hotel I stayed in during my stay in Egypt was the Sentido Beach Resort in Sharm El Shake, which was one of the most beautiful places I have ever stayed so peaceful and beautiful it was unbelievable and the staff there where some of the friendliest people I have ever come across.

                                                                     Black Ray-Bans


                                                            Missguided Co-ordinate
                                                                Zara beach bag

As the temperature was so high and it didn't change much in the evening it made it difficult to find things to wear in the evening so I just can to the conclusion I will have to stay in the air conditioned rooms to be able to wear any thing I took. Please excuse the lighting in some images I bought this Topshop lace skirt as I just thought its a beautiful colour for summer to show of a tan but I was then so unsure of what top to wear .Then after coming across this basic tee with lace effect along the bottom stich of the top I thought it would go perfect with the lace skirt that has the drop lace affect on the skirt similar to the top .Then I paired the whole outfit with my all time favourite new look sandals ( that I have in every colour oops ) as they are a plain sandal that is so good to work in to any outfit .

                                                                  Topshop tee
                                                                  Topshop skirt sold out
                                                                  New look sandals sold out

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