Monday, 20 October 2014

Ready made palette

Considering my last post was a christmas gift idea post , I thought I would do something different for this post but this product would actually make a great christmas gift .There are countless neutral palettes on the market but they are an essential to every girls makeup collection.Mac are very well known for there eye shadows with amazing pigmentation , great range of shades and great staying powder .The best thing about mac eye shadows is you can buy individual shadow in pots or you can buy the pan eyeshadows to customise your own palette which is great as it makes them easier to store.

That being said with each eyeshadow pan costing £10 to create a palette can be quiet extensive if you wanted to create a 15 eye shadow palette it would cost you £155 including palette .So when Mac launched two neutral eyeshadow palettes warm and cool with 15 shadows in them for just £65.00 they where bound to be a hit and they are exactly that you save £90 by purchasing a ready made palette with great eyeshadow that don't already exist at Mac so if gives you the opportunity to try some new shades and the palettes are permanent .The only down side to the palette is the shades are already selected for you but the way I look at it who doesn't need neutral eye shadows and they will complement all skin tones .

The palette consists of 15 shades from matte to shimmer. Some of them are permanent shades and others are new they all have a soft blend able texture however i do find all the matte shadows have a dry chalky texture that makes them have a lot of fall out .

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