Friday, 17 October 2014

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick

I had never tried a shadow stick before I bought the By Terry Ombre Black Star which I am so obsessed with so as I liked it so much, I was looking forward to trying a shadow stick from another brand .I decided on the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in the shade golden bronze these are basically a new take on their long wear cream shadows that they sell just in a stick form .
Like all shadow stick they are very easy to apply just simply apply the stick all over the eye lid and blend.The formula of these shadow sticks is thick and creamy which makes them very easy  to apply and blend seamlessly .The only down side is they take quiet a while to dry which leaves them with a  tacky feeling on the lid but some people may see this as a bonus because it gives you more time to work with them .

I do find the formula quiet sheer which makes it hard to build up the colour , and when it comes to colour choice I defiantly wouldn't say I was overwhelm with choice and considering all the shades they sell I was kind of put off when the lady on the desk told we there are only two shades nice shades Golden Bronze and Bronze .Bobbi brown state that they last 8 hours which I would agree with they are very long lasting .

I purchased it in the shades golden bronze it is described as a deep bronze sugar, that has warm tones in it. The colouring of the eye shadow is  a caramel bronze colour with a slight pale shimmer throughout .The finish of the shade is a frosted finish but it does have a slight metallic look to it .Overall its a nice shadow wouldn't say its a must buy and personally would say if your investing in a shadow stick go for the By Terry shadow sticks .

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