Thursday, 16 October 2014

Winter Lip Liner must haves

This is defiantly somewhat of a new type of product for me it was not until the beginning of the summer this year that I even started buying lip liners .I currently only own Mac liner just because of the fact I bought one from their called brick and LOVED the formula of it , so I decided to invest in some more shades . Personally after buying lipliner I cant do my lips with out one they give me such a persist finish and can even be used to make you lips bigger so i think there great , when i used to wear lip stick I found that it stuck to dry patches on my lips or what I call bleed out the corners of my lips so I didn't have the lips shape I wanted and I also found that my lipstick never stayed on but this all changed when I started using lip liner .The creamy moisturising formula of the lip inner leaves a great finish on all kind of lips .

The two shades that are going to be staple for my winter make collection are Cherry and Soar . Cherry because its that classic red colour and what better colour to wear in the winter I do wear this on its own sometimes and just dab it in to my lips. However I sometimes  wear this all over my lips then put Mac red lipstick  on top and if I'm feeling extra special i then apply a red gloss over the top my preferred one is Tanya Burr Vampire Kiss.

The over staple shade for me has got to be Soar its a pinkish brown very 90s feel to it and I have read every wear that this is the shade Kyle Jenner uses to achieve her lip colour to give you an idea of how it comes out .I mainly wear this on its own but sometimes I apply Barry M gloss in toffee over the top .

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  1. Soar is one of my new favourites I've posted about recently! Cherry looks lovely too, might check that out next time