Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Lush Bubble gum lip scrub

When i first heard some one talk about a lip scrub i literally thought they were crazy but then i cam across this Lush Bubblegum lip scrub and it all changed .I have always struggled with dry lips after having braces it still seems to be a problem especially in the winter because the cold it constantly hitting your lips just drys them out and as I'm a big lipstick wearer i had to sort this out so i gave Lush Lip scrub a try .

There are various flavours of the lip scrub from chocolate , popcorn , bubble gum , mint and other flavours they do come in quiet appealing flavours as your meant to lick the scrub of you lip after using it which i know sounds so gross but trust me after tasting and smelling these products you want to eat them straight away, that being said i find the chocolate and popcorn flavours quiet a sickly smell so i didn't buy them .

The scent and taste is a very strong candy bubble gum flavour , it does have great affects on the lips i use it morning and night in the winter and then in the summer every other day but this will change depending on who much you require it . I personally think the general idea of lip scrub is quiet overpriced as they are just sugar , oil , colouring and flavouring that being said who can every be bothered to make your own one (not me)  so these are convenient.

The one big down side with this is that you defiantly carnt use it on the go as its so messy and if you do use it on the go you  will just be left looking like you eat sugary sweets and missed your mouth but to be fair what more do you expect its a product made out of sugar of course its going to get messy .

Overall i think its a great product that does what it sets out to do by leaving lips looking a lot better after rubbing of dryness , doesn't leave lips feeling oily after using and taste amazing .The container is a great size so very easy for storing or taking with you on holiday .

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