Sunday, 12 October 2014

Cream colour base

Im not usually fan of cream products like blushes as I have dry skin I find that they just separation my skin which doesn't look good at all, however I do love a good highlighter as it seems to do the opposite affect and make my dry patches appear more dewy .

The Mac cream colour base I got is in the shade pearl and I have to say is a bit like marmite you love it or you hate it and I have my pros an cons on it .Firstly the Mac cream colour base is  found in the multi use section on the website which I would really agree with but after trying it on my eyes as a base and on its own it just dries and separates on the eye , also it doesn't hold eye shadows in place.Another way to use it is a highlighter but as it dries quickly you have to work fast with it . 

That being said as a high lighter its brilliant like the name pearl the colour is a white pearl said with a like yellow under tone which give it the like champagne affect  , it has a very creamy texture that I find is easiest to apply by dabbing it on my high points of my face with my ring finger and blending using my fingers as with this product less is more and you have more control with your fingers . Another way I like to use it is by mixing it was my foundation, just put some on the back of your hand and mix with  the foundation or you can mix with concealer to give an overall glowing brighter effect on the face .

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