Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Benefit Its Potent! Eye Cream

Eye creme is defiantly a topic that people disagree one as some people don't see the point of it and other people want to use it but either cant find the right one or start using it too late in life .Personally i think its like face moisturiser its a good thing to use from when you can afford to buy the products. That being said i notice recently that under my eyes has been getting darker and then i saw that benefit do and eye creme that targets dark circles so i thought why not give it a try , which i defiantly don't regret its and amazing product .

When i comes to skin cream i think you have always got to bare in mind that option vary due to every one having different skin types. I came across this dinky little eye cream 14.2g in a beauty box that i subscribe to , i use the product every night after cleansing my face before going to bed i just apply it to my ring finger rub it under my eye ten dab it in with my finger . I have been very impressed with this product after using it for four weeks i have noticed a big difference in my dark circles reducing ,and the eye cream also has a lovely creamy constancy that drys quickly as its a light weight texture  but doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy after its creamy consistency  .

The eye cream achieves what it claim to do as it contains a peptide complex that helps restore elasticity and firmness .Just like all benefit product they didn't disappoint on packaging the glass jar makes the product feel so much more luxurious and with its faux cork lid it just give it that extra querkyness that makes it is look so lovely among my skin care.

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