Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My Mac Blush Top 3

Blushes is my favourite item in the makeup categories as i feel like it just makes every look complete and there are is a wide variety of shades to suit all kinds of needs in a blush. That being said I have three brands that are my favourite for blush these are Mac , Nars and Benefit due to there great pigmentation and quality . In this blog post i will be looking at my favourite Mac blushes at the moment , the reason i love mac blushes is because i think the packaging is great for traveling , the pigmentation is amazing and i never have an issue with fallout when it comes to these products 

Peony Petal Blush is a very versatile shade that could be grey for lots of different skin tones, this satin blush is blue pink tone so due to the blue in the blush it isn't overly bright on the checks which is great as it is the perfect colour to give people that natural flush colouring in there check . The colouring of the blush is pigmented but not to over powering i would say that this could suit light to medium skin tones as it my be to light for some darker skin tones.

Fleur Powder  is defiantly a more underestimated blush in the mac range you don't hear about it as often as other brand favourites .This satin  matte finish blush is a gorgeous pinky coral shade but more on the coral shade compared to over pink blushes . It is a very pigmented blush so by only using a small amount of product create a bright colour so would suggest it was people who like an obvious blush colour of people with darker skin tone . I fined this blush best to apply with a blusher brush.

As you can see dolly mix blush is brightest in colour out of the three blushes, it is a sheer tone shimmer blush it defiantly has shimmer throughout the blush but just the right amount you wouldn't have to worry about having a very shimmery face with this blush just a nice radiant glow as  it has micro fine shimmer doing throughout it . However i do disagree with the sheer tone part of its description because it is very far from sheer as it is highly pigmented and would only require a less dense  brush and little product to get results on you skin . You often find that people are very unsure of this blush when first seeing it due to its strong reddish pink tone but if you apply carefully you could get a beautiful pink colour with a slight berry colour which would be great for brightening up any complexion to give a rosy look . Great for all skin tones.

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