Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Nars highlighter

Nars Albatross is one of the cult staple products that everyone and any one has, that being said i love reading posts about products i already have to see what doe else thinks of the product so i figured i would still do this blog post whether everyone already has it . 

When i first got my hands on this produce and gave it a try I was a bit unsure as to whether it has been over raved about by people or it really does live up to its reputation. The packaging like all Nars packaging is up there with the best in my eyes its a sleek, stylish ,sturdy packaging just is a great size for traveling but still manages to fit the save the day mirror in it that every girl finds useful. The only down side of the packaging is that the product its self is quiet chalky and powder so always has fall out which leaves powder to get stuck in the ridges which just looks a plan mess .

Albatross is a yellow- cream shade with such finely milled gold shimmer going it  through that , it gives a slight champagne effect to the product.As the colour is quiet yellow I don't think it would work for light skin tones but would go great on medium and dark skin tones .The highlighter does transfer quiet strongly on to the skin so you have to apply with caution to get the perfect amount over wise you look like you have lumps of glitter on you .As it is quiet shimmery I don't apply it any wear but my cheekbones as I want to highlight other features on my face but not with shimmer .The highlighter really stands out when the light hits it and gives a great glow to the skin.

However my biggest dislike about this highlighter compared to others is the way it sits on my skin , it defiantly goes in fine lines and crease , or in my case i have 3 or 4 Milia spots on my check which I'm sure people most commonly know as Milk spots they  are little white dots on your skin , and for me this highlighter just sticks to them adding more attention to that area .

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