Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Lip Combo

My blog hasnt been as frequent recently as I'm trying to balance writing blog posts along with ever thing else.Enough of that boring stuff on to the exciting things , last week I did a blog post on lip pencils that are perfect for this time of year and even though the lip pencil in this post is also perfect winter colour its just don't seem write to do it with out the lipstick to match making a dream combination .The products in question are Mac lip liner in Plum and Mac lipstick in Midimauve i know what you thinking I have never heard of them which is exactly what i thought but then i came across a video on youtube by Carli Bybel in which she used this lip combo an i fell in love it looked amazing ( check out her channel she doesn't some amazing makeup tutorials one of my favourite you tubers).The combination of the two products gives a pinkish brown finish which goes in trend with the very retro lip colour that we are seeing everywhere but it doesn't wash out your complexion.

The lip combination consists of two products a mac lipstick in the shade Midimauve which is described as a rosy mauve shade with a pearl finish. Midimauve is a lustre finish lipstick which i am defiantly not  normally a fan of as they don't normally have good pigmentation and they don't last long. Hence the reason why i pair it with a lip liner that i use all over my lip before apply the lipstick to add a base colour and give the lipstick something to hold on to .

When apply Midimauve to my lips it comes across as a pinky mauve that just looks so natural on the lips after I apply my lip liner i just use to swipes of this on my lips to give me a perfect colour , I would highly recommend this to people with very fair skin who find it hard to find neutral colour that doesn't wash out their complexion .I don't find that this lipstick bleeds or feather fine lines around the lips even without using the lip liner .The only down side to this lipstick is it isn't moisturising at all which means I fined it sticks to try parts of your lips , so i find that you need to do a lip scrub ( I would recommend lush bubblegum scrub )before wearing this and apply lip balm do give you a dewy finish after apply the lipstick.

The lip liner that I pair with this lipstick isn't compulsory but i just prefer to wear the two together its a lip pencil in the shade Plum which is describes a potent reddened plum on the website but when you apply it the shades is more like a brown mauve with a plum undertone to me which makes it work great with pinks , browns , plum shades or even by its self .I would recommend this lip combo to warm up your complexion in this cold winter season.

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