Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Naked Overload

So the title of the post is a bit full on but I'm just excited that I have finally manage to get all of the naked palettes after getting a good amount of use out of each palette I though I would do a little review. Quiet a few people think why do I need 3 palettes that all look the same concept , which is right you  don't need all three but who doesn't love buying there self a little treat. I know their are loads of reviews out their like this but I just love the naked palettes I had to do my own little review.

The original palette is the Naked palette which comes in velvet covered packging  which i don't love to much as it gets makeup on it easily which makes it hard to travel with and I also find that the lid always opens on this palette .The palette comes with a synthetic brush and a mirror on the inside often palette  which makes it even easier to use this on the go and I also find that applying eye shadow with a synthetic brush which I find is the best way to apply eye shadow . The colour in the Naked palette consist of 12 flattering warm toned neutrals in shimmer , matte and glitter formulas which makes this palette great to use on a day to day bases to create looks from day to night . This is by far my favoruite palette to of all 3.

The great part about the Naked palette is that you can create a variety of looks with this palette , all the eye shadows in the palette like all Urban Decay shadows they are blend able , very good pigmentation with very little fall out .But the only down side of the palette is that I think it should contain more matte shade eye shadows to be able to create more day time looks .
L to R
  • Virgin - nude shimmer 
  • Sin - champagne shimmer 
  • Naked - buff matte 
  • Sidecar - beige which slight shimmer 
  • Buck - warm brown matte 
  • Half Baked - gold toned bronze 
  • Smog - brown shimmer with gold undertone 
  • Dark horse - dark bronze shimmer with plum undertone 
  • Toasted - taupe bronze 
  • Hustle - mocha shimmer 
  • Creep -Black with lots of shimmer slightly metalic 
  • Gunmetal - dark grey metallic 

Urban Decay Naked Palette

The second palette is the Naked 2 Palette which contains 12 cool toned taupe neutrals in shimmer , matte and glitter formulas , which like the first palette  makes it great for creating day time and evening looks. Unlike the Naked palette the Naked 2 palette comes in a sturdy tin exterior which makes it sturdy and great for traveling , also it contains a full size mirror in the palette and it also consists of a makeup brush the same as the first Naked palette .The Naked 2 palette is different to the Naked palette because it contains cool toned taupe colours where as the Naked palette contains warm bronze toned colours .Again like the first palette the shadows are blend able with great pigmentation and very little fall out .However I quiet annoyed that their are some repeat shadows in this palette from the first Naked palette. This is my least favourite palette just because i don't really like the shades and I have found after reading about what over people think most people say this is there least favourite

L to R 
  • Foxy - cream bisque with matte finish 
  • Half baked - golden bronze shimmer 
  • Bootycall - shimmer nude 
  • Chopper - cooper shimmer
  • Tease - creamy mauve with matt finish 
  • Snakebite - dark bronze shimmer 
  • Suspect - golden beige with shimmer  
  • Pistol - light grey with shimmer 
  • Verve - oyster shimmer 
  • YDK -shimmer bronze with a plum undertone 
  • Busted - deep brown with shimmer finish 
  • Blackout - black with matte finish 
  Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Like the other Naked palette the Naked 3 is also referred to as a neutral palette which i couldn't disagree with more all 1 shades have rose under tones which makes this palette very different form the two previous palette.The packaging for the Naked 3 palette is the same as Naked 2 palette which i great make sit sturdy and easy for traveling with and it also have the mirror inside to palette .The naked 3 palette is something brand new for Urban decay and relay stands out compared to over palettes with its gorgeous 12 rose shades with an amazing ratio of matte to shimmer which make stye palette perfect for create day to night looks. 

However i would say that because of the rose tones  in the shadows i don't think they will suit all skin types where the two previous palette are neutral so will suit every one that being said as this  palette is so unique i would recommend this palette along side the Naked palette as i think you cover all bases with your neutral and a pop of colour. Like the over palettes the eye shadows are very blendable and soft with very little fallout but all of the shades also come with great pigmentation.

  • Strange - a pale neutral pink with matte finish 
  • Dust - pale metallic pink with shimmer finish 
  • Burnout - light pinky peach colour with shimmer finish 
  • Limit - light dusty rose with matte finish 
  • Buzz - metallic rose shimmer 
  •  Trick - light metallic pinky-copper with shimmer finish
  • Nooner - pinky brown with matte finish 
  • Liar - metallic mauve with shimmer 
  • Factory -pinky - brown with stain finish 
  • Mugshot - metallic taupe with shimmer 
  • Dark side - deep taupe with satin finish 
  • Blackheart - smokey black matte with red micro sparkles

  Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette 

Overall recommendation for  the palette is that the best palettes to use on the go are Naked 2 and 3 as the packaging is more sturdy .The best palette for people with light skin is the Naked palette and Naked 3 , where as people with a medium skin complexion would be better with Naked 2 and 3 palette , and people with dark complexion are more suited to Naked and Naked 2 palette

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