Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Chanel Cream Shadow

Chanel is the high end brand for me I'm literally obsessed with ever aspect of it from the amazing clothing , to the bags and most defiantly the makeup .So it only an amount of time before I went and bought one of there ridiculously priced products if you asked me .

Every aspect of this product is luxury from the packaging to the unbelievable soft eye shadow its like a pillow.The packaging is a clear glass with a jar with a shiny blake lid with the Chanel logo on it ( 10/10 for packaging without a doubt ) , so simply and effortless like all Chanel products.The eye shade comes with a little brush which is surprisingly good and picks up a decent amount of product but i don't use it because I cant stand tiny brush they are so annoying. 

Honestly I can't describe the texture of this product enough to you , its like something I have never felt before its like its spongy and when you put your brush in it its like its bouncy so weird to explain .But the glitter pay of in these eyeshadows is intense giving you a great metallic sheen and I find the best way to apply these is with a Mac 217 it doesn't work good with fingers .The colour I picked up is number 83 is  purple sparkles with a hint of taupe great for all over the lid or for the base of a smokey eye . Its a gel based formula but has the thickness of a cream , it blends so smoothly over the lid without being to sheer unless you apply a minimal amount because you want it sheer .

Chanel Cream Shadow - Link

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  1. I love the look of this colour. Shame about the little brush being tricky, but great colour once swatched! I bet it looks gorgeous on you :) Great post, I love Chanel!