Sunday, 19 April 2015

Killer Cheek Bones

Its true for me to say that the thing I try the most of are contour kits and trust me I have gone through  quite a few including the Anastasia Beverley Hills contour kit which just doesn't work for me.My look is over I'm obsessed with this contour kit from Charlotte Tilbury it just makes me want to try all her products . The main stand out part of this kit is the bronzer for me which is what i tend to struggle with in other contour palettes, but this is just perfect colour for giving you sun kissed healthy skin with such a silky light weight finish its brilliant there is no muddy looking lines .

Then the highlighter is in a whole different league its such a golden highlighter, not to golden that it looks un naturally but the slight light gold shimmer that you can't notice ( only in the right light ) is perfect. Its hard to explain but I feel with  a lot of contour kit they look very  separate ; like they are from two different products that work great on there own but not together. That where this palette trumps all as its like they are the highlighter and bronzer version of each other and just leave you skin with the perfect skin kissed glow .I would highly recommend this best product I have used in a long time .

Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze & Glow - Link

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