Thursday, 9 April 2015

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Like many people who love beauty , my biggest weakness is a good palette hence why I seem to have way to many .That being said I go through stages with them all , at the moment I'm currently continuously reaching for three in specific .Lets get right into the palettes !

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury palette Dolce Vita - Link
I adore the bronzy vibe that comes with this Dolce Vita Palette , all of the shadows are super smooth , highly pigmented and versatile that they can be used with other shadows .However the great thing  about this product is that if you want to you can purely use this and create amazing looks that differ depending on how you use the eyeshadows or the amount you use as they are very build able.This is by far a massive stable in my collection and I cant wait to get my hands on more shades as the products are just to die for .

Urban decay Naked 1 Palette - Link
Obviously it cant be a favourite palette post without urban decay in there some where , so for me the Naked 1 palette should be a stable in everyone makeup collection , its the smokey eye palette in my collection that i reach for continuously .All of the shadows have a soft buttery texture that makes them very blend able on the lid , I tend to find that the shadows last great of my lid whether I use  a primer or not .This palette consist of some great neutral starter shades that are versatile for all skin types .The palette consist of shades ranging from matte neutral for a brow highlight to deep bronze shimmer to add the glamour to a smokey eye .Out of all the Naked Palette would recommend this the most .

Urban decay named 3 palette - Link
You can see a theme running now , obviously urban decay is my favourite eye shadow brand at the minute .Again same as the Naked 1 pallet the shadows are great quality soft shadows that really pack a punch in the colour area .This palette was like a breathe of fresh are when it was realise so different from any palette that already existed and for me personally really tested the colours I would wear , never would I have thought that I would wear pink shadows it was bronze all the way for me . This palette is full of pinks and purple from matte to shimmer .I really thinks its an amazing palette for the summer month when you stills nat eye shadow but ones that give a softer look.

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