Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Hair Routine 101

I have never been one for going OTT on products when it comes to my hair , as I'm extremely lucky that my hair seems to maintain its own nice condition with regular cuts and good quality hair dye .Now its all changed and I'm starting to take an interest in it ,which why i have started off with a few new products .

VO5 Heat Defence Styling Spray - Link
Like all girls I use endless supply of heat products on my hair from straighteners , hair dryers and different curlers ; even thought I don't have damage hair now its is going to catch up with you one day so I decided to try a heat defence spray and decided on this VO5 product initially because i love the spray top lid as it easier to aim the product in the needed area without waste , it also contains a lock on the lid to stop it leaking or spraying out when its not meant to ( traveling ).They describe the product as a heat defence and styling spray that leave hair , less damage: with heat protection to 230°C, giving you super smooth and shiny hair. It contains a heat activated complex that helps protect from styling tools that require high temperatures. So this product becomes a two in one styling and protection .

Renewing Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner - Link
Im obsessed with shampoo and conditioners that contain Argan oil as they just leave my hair feeling so shiny a lot fuller after use. Which is exactly what this shampoo and conditioner gave me leaving my hair looking a lot shiner ; also as I dye my hair regularly an important factor about haircare for me is that it doesn't strip my colour like brands including head and shoulders do .I don't mean that the colour comes straight off , it just speeds the process up of my colour fading . So I would strongly recommend this duo as its quiet affordable consider it has Aragn oil in it , however if you like hair products with strong smells this product isn't for you as it doesnt consist of a smell ; the only down side in my eyes .

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