Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Under Eye Dark Circle

This month I have been non-stop testing out products for dark circles , as I have became quiet obsessed with finding they best way to hide them.

The market is full of products that have the purpose of covering dark circles ; everyone has their own theories on how to deal with dark circles whether it be certain colours or concealers .So as my dark circles have been really bothering me recently I decided to try a few  products to deal with the issues.I have been testing out products from concealers too eye creams , I haven't found my go to eye cream yet but I may have found the perfect products to deal with my dark circles .On to the products themselves !

Sorry in advance they are all Mac products , but that being said I also like the Maybelline Eraser Eye  Concealer for under eye circles as a drugstore alternative.

Mac Prep + Prime highlighter in Bright Forecast - 
These highlighter pens come in a twist-up, pen-type applicator, with a soft nib brush at the end where the product comes from which makes this great for traveling and minimising the tools you use for applying. Bright forecast is a soft peach with subtle under tones , which i know sounds so off putting when people spend so much time making sure their makeup doesn't appear orange why would they apply a product that is orange but honestly its worth the hype . The peachy tones of this shade are good for brightening and lightening dark under eye circles. I found this one did the best at covering dark circles while still appearing natural and to avoid the  fear of orange under i apply this before my foundation  after primer ,Using a Zoeva concealer brush and strictly only use this under the eye not any where else over wise ORANGE FACE ! 

Mac Select Cover up Concealer - 
The next step is what I consider the post important , I apply Mac select cover up concealer in the shade NW15 (one shade lighter than foundation ) under my eyes and anywhere else I would like to highlight (bridge of nose ).After trying this concealer in NW15 & NC15 I find the NW does a more affective job under the eyes , without going in to the overly confusing mac colour system its simply because NW is neutral warm for pink undertones and NC is for cool undertones yellow .So as you always want a peachy pink colour under the eye to counteract dark circles , so NW with its pink undertones is better .All of that confusing nonsense out of the way this concealer is great I don't find that it creases , and its also quiet full coverage with out looking cakey which is great for a place like under eyes because it naturally has a lot of fine lines around the area.With this product because it is high coverage I normally use my finger to apply as I find it gives a more naturally look when the product has warmed up on the finger before applying .

Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter in Light-boost -
This is the same as the bright forecast highlighter except , it is in the shade light boost which is a pale yellow shade that is amazing for brightening and highlighter areas .I know people will read this and think you just said don't use yellow under the eye but that way I look at it is ,Yellow based concealer or highlighter are their to highlight feature ( things you want to draw attention to ) which you don't want to do with dark circles which is why you use pink based concealer or highlighter to hide the actually dark circles and then the yellow based concealer to highlight the area where you have hidden your dark circles .This product isn't an essential , I only use this on when I'm really tired or for a special occasion when i want a little extra .

Let me know any products you recommend for under eyes ?

Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter Pen - Link
Mac Select Cover Up Concealer - Link
Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer - Link

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