Monday, 18 May 2015

Brightening Powder

As I mentioned in previous post my current obsession is finding the perfect way to hide my dark circles , after getting my concealers down it was on to the setting powder which is where this product comes in .

I watch one youtube video on the Laura Mercier secret brightening powder , was beyond excited when I saw the results that it gave so after reading endless review on it , I decided to purchase the powder .When I went to the counter the girl was super helpful but sadly gave me to wrong information as she informed me that the powder came in 2 shades a more golden yellow toned powder with shimmer , then a more white powder with no shimmer .So for  me it was a no brainer, I was sold on the no shimmer powder as I think shimmer is lovely on the face just in the right places which is not under the eye .Unfortunately the white powder also is very shimmery making the skin appear glittery in the right lights , that being said the powder really does visibly brighten under the eye.What I like most about this powder is how weightless it feels on my skin ; how it doesn't settle in lines around the eye. I would recommend the powder as I think it works great for brightening just not necessarily under the eyes as I find the shimmer a bit to much .

There is two ways I tend to apply this the first way being patting it into my under eye area being carful not use wiping motion which will just move the product .Then the other way to apply the powder when I won't a more intense brightening  affect I apply it with a damp beauty blender then leaving to dry so its set in place , then wiping a any excesses powder off the skin.

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder - Link

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