Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Summer base

The dreaded summer makeup base, my personal worst part of summer makeup because people always promote where BB cream in the summer or a really sheer foundation which is fine if you have amazing skin and know how to apply it correctly in order to get maximum coverage where you need it but let the naturally skin show through at the same time .So I though I would share my go to summer base makeup. 

So above are images of the two main products I use , that being said on bad skin days I will the spot conceal and i change up the primer I use depending on my skin on the day .

Mac face and body is one of them staple products for a lot of people because its so versatile, as the name points out it can be used on face and body personally I haven't used it on my body as I don't require it .So I can only review the product with use on the face .Its a liquid water base foundation so its got a very watery consistency , but the don't let the sheerness of the foundation scare because I would say its the best build able product I have used in a long time. Mac describe this product as a natural light weight foundation with a dewy finish which it defiantly is , I would say this would be great on dry skin as its so light and moisturising on the skin personally I wouldn't use it on skin that has a lot of achne or skin issues as I don't feel like it would give no wear near enough coverage .The packaging is fine reminds me of a glue bottle but is secure enough to travel with so thats all I need .I find the best way to apply this is with a beauty blender as it give much better coverage , and beauty blenders always leave the skin looking more perfected with a you skin but better finish .

Then the game changer  for me is the Mac Fix Plus foundation,its a sheer powder foundation that is so versitile many people use it as a setting powder over there makeup if you are going for a very high coverage look .You can use it for a very sheer powder foundation that gives good build able coverage but i personally like using it in combination with the face and body , I apply the powder over the top of the foundation in the area that need a bit more coverage .I wouldn't recommend for dry skin .

Mac Fix Plus Powder Foundation-Link
Mac Face & Body Foundation- Link

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