Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Norman Parkinson Collection

I wouldn't say its an understatement to say that Charlotte Tilbury is my brand of the month (Year),I was beyond excited to see that there was a new collection coming soon but I am ashamed to say I didn't know who Norman Parkinson was but after looking and reading about his work what an amazing man. The beuatifulness of his work defiantly is portrayed in the products read more about what I thought of the products I selected.

Even though I thought the packaging of this collection is worth buying on its own as its beautiful, I weirdly decided to buy the only two product in the collection that were in the standard rose gold packaging.The two products I bought were the Matte revolution lipsticks in two shades , I was hesitant about the fact they were Matte Lipstick as I get dry lips but after using both of them they have a matte finish with a moisturising formula when applying.

First shade is Miss kensington which i was drawn to buying as I'm on the search for the perfect eve day colour but I hate nudes . Its a warm pinky nude ,with a matte finish but a smooth formula when applying, even though its matte it doesn't make the lips appear dry .The Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick comes in the classic beautiful rose gold packaging that makes it appear very expensive.

The second shade is 1975 Red which is a red/orange/pink/coral , a bit less red than the Mac Vegas Volt which I love in the summer but this shade is a very universally flattering shade. Like the other shade its got a great moisturising formula with a matte formula which I think is very hard to find.

1975 Red - Link
Miss kensington - Link

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  1. I also own this two new shade and i'm in love with 1975 this color is beyond beautiful!

    Alexandra xx