Friday, 10 July 2015

Mac Concealer

A few weeks backs I was constantly talking abut dark circles, during that time not only was i looking at life style , skincare when it came to dark circles but i was also on the hunt for them concealer that people where and the difference is crazy amazing. After doing some research I found that Mac Pro Long wear Concealer & Select cover up concealer where in the group of concealer raved about when it comes to hiding them horrible dark circles .

Mac pro longwear concealer is referred to as a lightweight concealer which I would agree with as it feels very light on the skin not cakey but it is not light coverage its more of a medium coverage. Different form the other concealer I prefer to apply this with the Zoeva Concealer brush as a small amount goes  along way so its easier to control where the product goes, its a very creamy formula but again find its cresses slightly not as bad as the second concealer but I will be also try this with a different powder .

This Concealer is described as camouflage , Which do me suggest very heavy and full coverage but it is more of a medium converge but feels very light on the skin. I do find its best to apply with my fingers to so the product is warm when it goes on the skin which for makes it blend more seamlessly, However the only down side is it does crease under my eye but after reading many review most people said that it doesn't crease so i think i will try out some new setting powder , the shade is wear is Nw15 which is strange as I wear this shade in foundation but the concealer looks like its three shades light than the foundations.

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer - Link
Mac Select Cover Up Concealer - Link

Any suggestion of powders ?

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