Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Body Shop Camomile

Waterproof makeup is the pain in most people skin care routine (or at least mine), after watching a youtube video my attention was drawn to this Body Shop Cleansing Oil which I was a bit hesitant at first about because the thought of putting oil on my skin just sounds plain wrong but I gave it a go any way to see if it was worth the hype . 

So to start of packaging is great see-through bottle which makes it great to keep an eye on how much of the product you use , there is also a pump lid which is fab considering this is an oil a squeeze bottle would just be a nightmare.The only down side with the packaging or product in feral is that the bottle leaks ( it could just be mine ) but oil gets everywhere, so its a bit of a downing as I won't be able to travel with it.

The product its self is amazing literally removes every once of makeup on the skin I use two pumps , and it removes all trace of makeup froth skin including waterproof .Then after rinsing the cleansing off my face I do cleanse again with a different cleanser but thats just my choice you don't have to . Its obviously a oil formula so after putting it in you hands you do need to work fast as it gets everywhere but after apply it to dry skin , it really takes to the skin and doesn't end up all over the place.The bottle has lasted my five  to six months as a little bit goes a long way .

I defiantly agree with the all skin types stamens on the bottle as I have oily skin on the T-zone and slightly dry skin an the rest of my face and I haven't found this has irritated my skin at all. Overall love this product, will not be leaving my skin care for a long time.

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