Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Hoola Bronzer

As someone who has quiet pale skin , I'm not talking casper the ghost but its not naturally tanned by any means. I often find it hard to find a bronzer shade that can either bronze up my skin or contour my check bones with out it looking like an orange muddy line .Then I came across the Benefit Hoola bronzer after hearing people talk about it endlessly, I was excited to try the universal bronzer packaged neatly into a classic qwirky Benefit style Box.

The Hoola bronzer now comes with a mirror in the box packaging which makes it great for on the go, personally I'm not really a fan of the brush that comes wit  its but thats just me as I prefer a bigger brush. I apply this using a real techniques contour brush then go over the top with a large powder brush to get rid of any harsh lines .The bronzer has warm effortless tones that are great for a natural bronze, not to orange but also not to grey toned which can sometimes wash your complexion out .The powder has a velvet feel to it when apply to skin which makes it blend seamlessly .

Overall love this in my everyday makeup routine

Benefit Hoola Bronzer - Link

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  1. I absolutely love using this to bronze and sculpt my face. But I also use it as a transition shade in my crease :)