Thursday, 23 July 2015

Skincare Take 1

I have always been interested my the Bioderma water , but am yet to try it. So when I saw the Garnier Miceller Cleansing Water I was excited to gee it a try. As some one who wears makeup on an everyday occasion I like some thing that will take my makeup off in a quick step including waterproof, eyeliner and all that over great stuff .

This is the first Miceller water I have tried as I first thought they were glorified water, as some one with quiet sensitive skin I'm always looking for a gentle product too remove my makeup nothing to harsh .Which this products was perfect for its a lift cooling water which doesn't irritate the skin or the eye area, can also be used my people with oily skin as it doesn't contain extra oils its a great universal product .When using this product I apply it to two cotton pads to be apply to remove of trace of makeup from teh skin.

There are two parts of this product I don't like one not being something i don't like but more like something I disagree with personally I don't find this is good enough to just use on its own with nothing else as it does leave some product of the skin, Which is why I pair it with an additional cleanser.The main issue I have with this Cleanser is that I don't find it remove waterproof eye makeup easily and leave traces of the waterproof product still on the skin which is why I'm more leaning toward The Body Shop Oil cleanser as it does remove waterproof makeup .

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